Course Introduction

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Welcome to ProTrainings Anatomy and Physiology Course

This course is specifically tailored for managers responsible for conducting performance appraisals, enhancing understanding and effectiveness in this crucial area.

Course Overview

Gain valuable insights into the appraisal process, understand its benefits, and learn how to conduct effective reviews. This training is focused on work-based appraisals, incorporating tools and techniques beneficial for these meetings.

Appraisal Management Techniques

Learn to transform challenging appraisal sessions into productive interactions that benefit employees, managers, and the organisation.

Flexible Learning Format

Our course accommodates your schedule:

  • Re-watch videos and take breaks as needed.
  • Structured into digestible topics with videos and knowledge reviews.
  • Ability to return to the course exactly where you left off.

Assessment and Certification

After completing the modules and passing the test, you can instantly print your certificate, CPD statement, and evidence-based learning statement.

Additional Resources

Access downloadable student handouts and additional materials in the student download area.

Continuous Access

Enjoy 8 months of access to course materials, even after passing the test, for ongoing reference and learning.

Support and Remediation

Receive remedial help for any misunderstood topics, ensuring a complete understanding of the course content.

Thank you for choosing ProTrainings. We are committed to providing a comprehensive learning experience. Now, let's get started with your training!