The Spleen

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The Spleen: A Vital Organ in the Human Body

This guide provides insight into the spleen's function, its importance in the immune system, and common spleen-related health issues.

Location and Composition of the Spleen

Located in the upper-left abdomen, the spleen is a fist-sized organ composed of red and white pulp. The red pulp filters out old red blood cells, while the white pulp contains immune cells to combat infections.

Key Functions of the Spleen

  • Immune Defense: Produces and stores white blood cells.
  • Blood Filtration: Removes harmful toxins and bacteria, keeping blood clean.

Living Without a Spleen

People without a spleen, whether due to birth absence or surgical removal, may have heightened susceptibility to infections.

Common Spleen Conditions

  • Spleen Enlargement: Can result from infections, liver diseases, or blood disorders, causing abdominal pain and fatigue.

For more detailed information on spleen health and related conditions, consult a healthcare professional or immunologist.